Pricing & Fees

Toddlers/Twos Monthly Tuition

(Children younger than 3 years old as of September 1st, 2018)

Tues/Thurs — $340

Mon/Weds/Fri — $480

Monday-Friday — $660

Threes Monthly Tuition

(Children 3 years as of September 1st, 2018)

Tues/Thurs — $320

Mon/Weds/Fri — $440

Monday-Friday — $640

Fours/Fives Monthly Tuition

(Children 4 years or older as of September 1st, 2018)

Monday-Friday — $620

Registration Fee – $500 New Student / $100 Currently Enrolled Student

Includes class shirt, registration, kick-off party, subscription to Preschool2Me and KidKiosk, and end-of-year show.  Non-refundable, non-transferable.

ChampionsTX Family Fee – $35 New Family / $0 Currently Enrolled Family

This fee covers account processing, insurance, correspondence, and administration for gymnastics classes, camps, and events.  Stay a Champion over the Summer and do not pay this fee again! Ways to stay current with us over the summer include: registering for two camps, enrolling in a Fun Friday subscription, or booking a birthday party!  (See more info about Fun Friday subscriptions in the FAQ.)

Supply Fee – $125 Fall / $125 Spring

Covers school materials.  Due on August 1st and January 1st.

Late Pick-Up Fee (per family – siblings) $10 from 2:05-2:10; Additional $1 per minute after 2:10pm

Times change to 3:05-3:10pm or 6:05-6:10pm if doing an extended option.

This fee will be automatically charged to your account after late pick-up.

Early Drop Off (8:15-8:45am)

$20/month/day for 3’s/4’s/5’s Classes

$25/month/day for Toddlers/2’s Classes

Monthly After School Enrichment (2:00-3:00pm)

$50/month/day for 3’s/4’s/5’s Classes

$60/month/day for Toddlers/2’s Classes

Monthly After School Enrichment (2:00-4:00pm; for Students in an Advanced Specialty Class or Team ONLY beginning at 3:30, 3:45, or 4:00pm)

$80/month/day for 4’s/5’s Classes

Monthly After School Full Day Monday-Friday (2:00-6:30pm)

$300/month for 3’s/4’s/5’s Classes

$350/month for Toddlers/2’s Classes

Payment Due Dates

Sign-Up Registration Fee ($500 / $100); Family Fee ($35 / $0)
August 1st August 2018 Tuition (Half Price); Fall Supply Fee ($125)
September 1st September 2018 Tuition .
October 1st October 2018 Tuition
November 1st November 2018 Tuition
December 1st December 2018 Tuition
January 1st January 2019 Tuition;  Spring Supply Fee ($125)
February 1st February 2019 Tuition
March 1st March 2019 Tuition
April 1st April 2019 Tuition
May 1st May 2019 Tuition

Explorers ONLY Discounts

Discounts to our Award Winning Camps! – Explorers Students get a 50% discount on School Holiday Camps, including Summer, Winter, and Spring Break!  We have camps on almost all days that we are out of school, and with options of half day or full day camp, it is easy to make sure you always have a place your kiddos love to attend!

Fun Friday Parent’s Night Out!  ***Subscriptions Available only to Explorers***

6-10pm Open Gym, Pizza, and a Movie! Ages 3-18 and must be potty-trained.  We have Fun Fridays almost every Friday night of the year!  

$25 per time / Student
$30 per time / Non-Student

$45 = 2 Pass/Month Subscription
$60 = 3 Pass/Month Subscription
$75 = 4 Pass/Month Subscription
Passes can be used for any immediate family members or transferred to another family for a $5 fee.


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