We believe a happy child is a well adjusted child!  Many 9am-1pm programs do not offer a rest or nap for their children. By doing this, many children do not nap or instead only fall asleep for brief periods of time in the car while on the way home or doing errands. By allowing our children to rest well, we are meeting the needs of the children in our program so they can focus better during wake times.

We have nap mats for all children that we clean between uses.  Most parents decide to also get a mat cover, which is like a sleeping bag slipcover for the nap mat, with a built in pillow and blanket, which we will send home to wash once a week.  These are wonderful as you can practice napping with it at home and it makes the transition to napping at school very easy, and most children love napping with pillows and blankets, but due to licensing laws we are unable to provide them.  These can be quite affordable and we will provide you a link with resources.

No.  Parents should send their child with a lunch, and for extended stay one snack, or two snacks for full day.  ChampionsTX is a peanut-free facility. We will send out more information about any class allergies closer to school starting.  We do have a class garden and will teach our explorers about healthy food habits during our lunch period.

There are limited spaces in the extended stay options, so these are reserved for students booking the option for the full school-year.  If spaces are still available after the start of the school-year, spaces may be released for short term options.

Here you’ll see our ratios per class.  The Explorers Director is also on site all day, helping with activities or situations that are more successful with more teaching hands, as well as a huge list of substitutes thanks to the large staff of ChampionsTX.

CLASSROOM Ratios followed at ChampionsTX Explorers Adventure School TX DFPS Minimum Standards Ratios seen at many local schools:
18-23 months


6:1 9:1
2 Year Olds 6:1 11:1
3 Year Olds 7:1 15:1
Pre-K 7:1 18:1

Children should use their age as of September 1st.  If children show advanced development in an evaluation, a meeting may be held with parents to discuss placing them in a year above if age cutoff is close. Please email Explorers@ChampionsTX.com if you have any questions or to clarify.  

Yes!  If you are interested, please email Explorers@ChampionsTX.com for more information.


What other questions can we answer? Use the form below, email us at Explorers@ChampionsTX.com, or call 512.628.1788. We can’t wait to hear from you!